What’s Your Flavor Profile?

We’ve always said that each of our spice blends have their own personality. So, here’s our attempt at outlining the personality type best associated with each seasoning. We had lots of fun doing this and hope you enjoy it too.

Seasonest Spice Trait Bubbles

Original: You keep it classy and fun. People like that about you. The party hasn’t officially started until you’ve arrived, and others strive to be like you. You are definitely a trendsetter!

Soul Food: You are slightly loud, but it’s just you being you. You keep it real, and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. People come to you when they want excellent advice.

Jerk Mild: You value knowledge and understanding. Calm and collected, you think about the long-term. You’ve been known to have a slight bite, but you always soothe it over with calm words. Witty and fun, yet laid back too? People definitely enjoy being around you!

Italian: The romantic. You have an excellent value system in place and family is at the center of your heart. Quick to see the worth of things, you easily make your thoughts known. Loyal, you’re ok with not being the center of attention as long as you’re in a group of great friends.

Spicy: People Person! You live in the moment and enjoy being around great friends. Not everyone can handle you, but those who know you love you and are loyal to you to the end.

Original Salt Free: Analytical and precise, you care. Very cautious, you are protective of those you love. There’s a clarity and deliberateness about you that draws people to you. You’re stable and secure!

Lemon Pepper: Laid back and practical. Not much bothers you or gets to your head, and you are very sensible. Order is very much a part of your daily life, but you’ve got a hidden fire that drives you forward.

Soul Food Spicy: Who knows sass better than you? You are enthusiastic about life and no challenge is too great for you. New projects and ideas excite you and you are quick to take the lead. You love being around people, and always make yourself known.

Mild: Gentle and kind, everyone loves you. You’re great with children and put other’s needs before you own. Positive reinforcement is great for you and you are quite responsible. You like to take it easy, and enjoy life, without the drama.

Adobo: Creative and resourceful, you enjoy a good debate with others. Fun and outgoing, it’s easy to get along with you! No one gets you down, and you’re often there to cheer up your friends and keep them going! People come to you when they want a shoulder to lean on.

Lemon Fire: You like to live on the edge! Nothing is too big for you to overcome and you address issues head on. You are optimistic and let nothing rain on your parade. Definitely a doer, you charge your way through, not always looking at the consequences.

Soul Food Mild: You’re very warm-hearted and easy-going, but there’s a quiet strength about you. You stay with things until the end, and are well-respected. Idealistic, you’re calm unless someone challenges something you hold dear.

Jerk: You are assertive and outspoken. You know what you want, and you want it now. No, you’re not mean, there’s just a way to get things done: Yours! Driven to excel and lead, it’s no wonder you’re at the top!

Let us know which spice best describes you.  Was your favorite flavor what you expected?  If not, maybe you have a new blend to try.  Please share with family and friends to see what their flavor says about them.

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