Your Recipe Guide to March Madness


March Madness has officially began, and we’ve got a great lineup of delicious recipes you can use to impress your fellow basketball enthusiasts! These classic recipes are sure to be a hit whether you’re enjoying them solo or with a group of friends. Tell us in the comment who you’re rooting for and if you enjoyed the recipes!

Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings

Hot Wings


Buffalo wings have become more than just snack food for a ball game. Make it as hot as you like and enjoy anytime. Usually eaten with celery sticks and blue cheese or ranch dressing, but can be served with any sides you desire.


3lbs Chicken Wings, buffalo cut
Seasonest – Spicy Blend
1/3 cup Hot Sauce
3 TBSP Butter
Cooking Spray


Preheat oven to 400˚. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Sprinkle Seasonest – Spicy Blend on chicken. Arrange chicken on baking sheet and place in oven for 45 minutes until brown and crispy. Turn the wings halfway through cooking to brown both sides.

Melt butter in a sauce pan over low heat with hot sauce and 1 tsp of Seasonest – Spicy Blend. Pour into large mixing bowl. Add cooked chicken wings and shake until wings are covered with sauce.

Serve immediately with celery sticks with blue cheese or ranch dressing.


Crawfish Hush Puppies



These tasty bites are sure to be eaten up quick. Simple to make, simple to enjoy!

1 cup yellow cornmeal

¾ cup self rising flour

1 tsp salt sweet onion, minced

7 oz cooked deveined and shelled crawfish

1 tbsp Seasonest Original

2 chives, minced

1 cup of milk

1 egg

Peanut or other oil for frying

Cut the crawfish into small pieces and season with a sprinkle of Seasonest Original. Mix all dry ingredients and wet ingredients together separately. Combine dry and wet mixtures (being careful not to over work). Stir in crawfish. Fry tablespoon sized dollops in canola oil in a cast iron skillet over medium high heat until golden brown. They don’t have to be perfect circles! Immediately sprinkle with Seasonest Original once removed from oil.

Serve with remoulade sauce as an appetizer or with dinner.

*Note that the crawfish can be replaced with almost anything: diced Andouille, crabmeat, whatever you like.

Party Dip

Party Dip

Only three ingredients needed for this delicious recipe. This dip can be served with fresh vegetables, crackers, breads or other dipping foods. Enjoy!


8 oz Cream Cheese

4 oz Low-fat Sour Cream
1.5 tbsp Seasonest Original Spice Blend


Place all ingredients in a bowl. Mix with a mixer or by hand until smooth. Transfer to serving bowl and garnish with parsley, cilantro or scallions.

Serve immediately with fresh vegetable sticks, crackers, bread or chips or refrigerate until served.


Happy Monday!

The Seasonest Family

Fool Me Twice…Shame On Me!

Part 2 of the Case of the missing FlavorMy smile was frozen in place – should I ask her? No, that would be too obvious.
“The guacamole you made was simply fabulous – could you possibly whip up more?” I began to panic. Should I say yes, and then make subpar guacamole?
“Honey, when will the meat be finished?” I looked to my husband hoping it would be finished in another ten minutes. “About forty minutes should do it!” James opened the grill and checked on the meat.
“Then we simply must have more dip!” Jessica’s pronouncement was heartily agreed to by the crowd around the grill.

Just then, my eldest daughter Stacie sent me a text (she only talks by texting now, it’s the cool thing to do) “Pkg @ door, 4 u.”
My spirits lifted, it was the extra Seasonest Adobo I had ordered! Excusing myself, I scurried to the door and signed for the box, thrilled to have more. Jessica popped into the kitchen as I was pulling out ingredients for the guacamole. I hid the bottle behind some avocados as she asked, “How’s the dip going?”
“If you’ll give me a few minutes, I’ll whip up a new batch!” I said confidently. Jessica left the kitchen, sure that I was bluffing. I had a feeling that she knew more about the spices then she let on.

Walking out with the new bowl of guacamole was like being assaulted by the paparazzi. Everyone was thrilled to have more, and barely let me set the bowl down on the table before they dug in. I was smiling as I found Christina. I told her, my emergency bottle of Seasonest came at the right time and she seemed genuinely happy for me. “Excellent! That Jessica Johnson will never know what hit her!” She paused as she got a call from her daughter who wasn’t feeling well and left to check on her at home.

James came in from the backyard and announced, “Food’s ready, come and get it!” There was a mad rush to fill up plates with delicious ribs, meat falling off the bones, perfectly grilled corn on the cob and more. I was enjoying my own plate when I received another text from my daughter, “Coco sick – come upstairs.”
Rushing upstairs, I found my daughter happily playing with her dolls in her room with a few of the neighbors’ daughters. Kneeling down beside her, I asked if she was alright. She said, “Of course mommy! But Mr. bunny just robbed the bank, so he’s in time out.” I went to find my eldest, and saw her in front of the tv with her friend Emily. “Stacie, why did you tell me Coco was sick and she wasn’t?” Stacie looked up at me, confused. Emily says to me, “Stacie hasn’t been able to find her phone for a while now, Mrs. Jones.”

Strange — did someone want me out of the party? I ran downstairs to the kitchen and found the ingredients still at the counter, except for my bottle of Seasonest. Not again! I knew now there was definitely someone trying to sabotage my party. I left the kitchen looking for Jessica, sure she had taken it. That’s why she had followed me into the kitchen to ask about the guacamole! Why is she trying to sabotage my party? Walking toward the front of my house, I overheard a whispered conversation. Sneaking around the corner, I saw Margaret and Tommy Tulley fussing about something. “You should have never taken it Margaret! I told you not to ruin a perfectly nice party! Did you put it back?”

“I couldn’t help it Tommy!” Margaret whined. Tommy shushed her and his whispering lowered even more, so I couldn’t make out any of the words. She nods, and they began to leave. What are they talking about? What did she take? I tried to get in closer, but they left too quickly. I was confused. Did Margaret take my Seasonest? Or was it still Jessica? Hearing footsteps, I quickly ran into the coat closet.

Peering out the crack in the door, I gasped – Jessica and Christina were talking? What on earth did they have to talk about?

– Look out for a surprising finale. Who do you think has the Seasonest Adobo Spice Blend? –

Spicy Thriller

Missing FlavorIt was gone — the best thing that ever happened to me. Everyone was calling for me to bring more, but it’s all gone, missing in action. The clamor of guests through the kitchen door was muted, and all I heard was a rushing sound in my ears. My best friend Christina found me and asked, “Are there any extra hors d’oeuvres…is everything alright?”
“No,” I replied, “It’s not. It’s gone. Someone took it.”
“Took what?” Christina asked.
“My last bottle of Seasonest.”
Am I being dramatic? Maybe a little, but that bottle was special. It took an ordinary cook like me to an extraordinary cook and made my parties full of flavor and fun.

You might be wondering who I am. I’m Sarah Marie Jones, happily married and mother of two beautiful daughters. My best friends, Christina and Brittney, live on either side of me, and we’re inseparable.

We had struck up a friendly sort of rivalry with some of the other moms in the neighborhood and were constantly competing with them. Jessica Johnson and her band of soccer moms (really, they all are soccer moms!) love to try and upstage myself, Christina and Brittney, the football moms.

Earlier this year at our monthly planning committee meeting, we began discussing the annual spring barbecue. Excited to show off our new pool, I rashly volunteered our home. I’d forgotten about the last time I’d cooked – it was embarrassing. The committee looked at me. I held my head up, however, and said, “Yes, I will cook as well.” Jessica smirked at me, and responded, “It’ll be nice to keep things interesting!” And with that, the party was to be had at my home in a months time. But that’s when I found Seasonest Spice blends.

The Christmas before, my cousin twice removed on my great-step aunt’s side of the family sent me a gift with some new spice blends in it. She just raved on and on about how great they were, and I decided to give it a try with my new roast chicken recipe. I used Seasonest instead of my regular spices and it tasted amazing! When I say my family of four was picking the last of the meat off the bones, that is in no way an exaggeration. I knew then that I’d found my royal flush, my secret weapon. And it tasted delicious.

The day of the party arrived, sunny and clear. When I came down to greet guests, I felt like the perfect hostess; poised and confident. As I walked to the kitchen, greeting those who were already there, I was happy that things were going so well. Everyone was complimenting me on the food. I smiled, thrilled that it was a hit. Others were asking if I could whip up some more guacamole and nacho dip – it was almost gone! I walked to my cupboard and looked for my last bottle of Seasonest Adobo, but it was missing. Confused, I looked in the pantry, by the grill — nothing. My Seasonest was gone!

A light laugh sent shivers up my spine. I knew that laugh. She was here. “Oh Sarah, so good to see you! Lovely party, by the way.”
“Yes, good to see you too, Jessica.”
“So, we were just chatting about how delicious everything is! Tell us, what’s your secret?” The smile she gave me was like the cat who had found the cream. Darn. She knew. Did she know? So I laughed it off, “A chef never spills her secrets!”
The crowd laughed. Jessica replied so low only I could hear, “They’re just discovered by…accident.” My smile was frozen…did she take my Seasonest?

— So where do you think the missing bottle went? Stay tuned to find out what happens next! —

What’s Your Flavor Profile?

We’ve always said that each of our spice blends have their own personality. So, here’s our attempt at outlining the personality type best associated with each seasoning. We had lots of fun doing this and hope you enjoy it too.

Seasonest Spice Trait Bubbles

Original: You keep it classy and fun. People like that about you. The party hasn’t officially started until you’ve arrived, and others strive to be like you. You are definitely a trendsetter!

Soul Food: You are slightly loud, but it’s just you being you. You keep it real, and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. People come to you when they want excellent advice.

Jerk Mild: You value knowledge and understanding. Calm and collected, you think about the long-term. You’ve been known to have a slight bite, but you always soothe it over with calm words. Witty and fun, yet laid back too? People definitely enjoy being around you!

Italian: The romantic. You have an excellent value system in place and family is at the center of your heart. Quick to see the worth of things, you easily make your thoughts known. Loyal, you’re ok with not being the center of attention as long as you’re in a group of great friends.

Spicy: People Person! You live in the moment and enjoy being around great friends. Not everyone can handle you, but those who know you love you and are loyal to you to the end.

Original Salt Free: Analytical and precise, you care. Very cautious, you are protective of those you love. There’s a clarity and deliberateness about you that draws people to you. You’re stable and secure!

Lemon Pepper: Laid back and practical. Not much bothers you or gets to your head, and you are very sensible. Order is very much a part of your daily life, but you’ve got a hidden fire that drives you forward.

Soul Food Spicy: Who knows sass better than you? You are enthusiastic about life and no challenge is too great for you. New projects and ideas excite you and you are quick to take the lead. You love being around people, and always make yourself known.

Mild: Gentle and kind, everyone loves you. You’re great with children and put other’s needs before you own. Positive reinforcement is great for you and you are quite responsible. You like to take it easy, and enjoy life, without the drama.

Adobo: Creative and resourceful, you enjoy a good debate with others. Fun and outgoing, it’s easy to get along with you! No one gets you down, and you’re often there to cheer up your friends and keep them going! People come to you when they want a shoulder to lean on.

Lemon Fire: You like to live on the edge! Nothing is too big for you to overcome and you address issues head on. You are optimistic and let nothing rain on your parade. Definitely a doer, you charge your way through, not always looking at the consequences.

Soul Food Mild: You’re very warm-hearted and easy-going, but there’s a quiet strength about you. You stay with things until the end, and are well-respected. Idealistic, you’re calm unless someone challenges something you hold dear.

Jerk: You are assertive and outspoken. You know what you want, and you want it now. No, you’re not mean, there’s just a way to get things done: Yours! Driven to excel and lead, it’s no wonder you’re at the top!

Let us know which spice best describes you.  Was your favorite flavor what you expected?  If not, maybe you have a new blend to try.  Please share with family and friends to see what their flavor says about them.

Let The Games Begin: 6 Steps To Catching Lemon Fire

Seasonest Lemon Fire
Seasonest Lemon Fire Spice Blend

Some people are born with it.  Others have worked their way towards it.  It may be a craving you have, but has been unattainable for so long.  What am I talking about?  Spicy food tolerance!

Is there a dish you’ve always wanted to try that’s spicy, but requires two gallons of milk to cool your mouth down?  I LOVE spicy foods and am always adding a bit more pepper or cayenne to my dishes, but not everyone can do that.  With a little practice, you can build up your spice tolerance.   Here are 6 steps to increase your spicy food toughness by using Seasonest Spice Blends and have you chowing down on that peppery dish in no time.

Step 1:  Start Off Small

Don’t let this mild-mannered category befuddle you.  Our Mild (Cajun) and Italian blends are mellow enough for children, yet packed with great flavor for adults to enjoy.  The goal at step one is to delight in the savory balance of herbs and spices before things start heating up.

Step 2:  Moving Right Along

Now it’s time to add in a little heat and see how it feels.  There are four blends recommended at this level that will up the ante a little:  Original (Cajun), Original (Cajun) Salt-Free, Soul Food Mild and Jerk Mild.  The latter two blends are in this category because they are the milder version of spicier blends.  All of these seasoning blends are flavorful with a little kick and if the heat is too much, camp out at this level until you feel comfortable with moving up to the next step.

Step 3: Level Up

Lemon Pepper, Adobo and Soul Food are all hot and savory.  These flavors are sure to have you reaching for your water glass, but digging back into your meal with excitement.  You’re doing great, keep it up!

Step 4: Getting Spicy

You’re probably feeling good about conquering blends that have some heat to them, but it’s time to really add in the spice.  Spicy (Cajun) seasoning has a delayed heat that allows you a moment to enjoy the flavor before feeling the pepper sensation.  Sweating a little?  Keep milk or water on hand to calm the heat.

Step 5: Who Turned Up The Heat?!

Can you feel the heat now?  Soul Food Spicy and Jerk spice blends are guaranteed to make you feel the fire power.  Both are serious steps up in the spice game, so take your time until you feel confident before moving forward.

Step 6: Sweatless Victory

You have arrived: Lemon Fire.  This is where the spice All-Stars are.  Lemon Fire is the hottest of the hot, and will leave you wanting more.  It’s the perfect spice combination of heat and flavor, so when you can enjoy this blend, you know you have made it.  Sit back with your zesty, flavorful meal, and know you have upped your spice tolerance to the fiery big league.

Now that you’ve made your goal, your spice tolerance should be excellent.  While savoring the tasty flavors of your meals, you can rest easy knowing there are some excellent health benefits to spicy foods.  Eating spicy foods can help with circulation, boost metabolism, clear sinuses and release endorphins.  Now you can enjoy that spicy dish of your dreams without breaking a sweat.  Bring out the cayenne and chili peppers, you deserve it!

*Disclaimer: While embarking on this challenge, watch your body and see how it handles the extra heat. If you don’t feel well after eating spicy foods, you should stick with less spicy foods.  It’s always good to be smart with what you eat.