Introducing Our Newest Seasoning: The Best Friend Blend!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have created a whole The-Best-Friend-Blend-Imagenew seasoning blend; the Best Friend Blend! We are even more excited to announce that it is geared towards furry friends everywhere and that dogs in the Seasonest network of family and friends can enjoy great, flavorful food right alongside their owners. This blend is a huge step for our company and our family. Just like our Original blend, this blend is extremely special and sentimental to us. It’s probably the most special blend we’ve created sin ce our very first and we are so happy to be sharing it with you. To give you some more insight into our newest seasoning blend, we’ve answered some big questions surrounding its origins and creation.

(For recipe uses, please scroll to the end of the blog.)

Why is it called the “Best Friend Blend”?

How do you describe a best friend? They are patient, loyal, supportive, present… a constant companion in times of joy and in times of hardship. They are those that are always there for you, appreciate what you do for them and are always ready with a warm welcome. This is how we feel about our furry family members, our dogs, which is why we decided to give our newest blend such a special name.

What exactly inspired the Best Friend Blend?

We’ve recently gone through something that would be any furry family members’ worst nightmare and we miss our little best friend every day. But, out of this sad time of sickness came some inspiration for something really wonderful that we hope gets shared far and wide.

To share our family’s situation a bit more, our dog, Boston, recently passed away from Lymphoma. It was really hard on us. He went through a period of time where he stopped eating and we were really worried about him and just wanted to find a way to get him well-nourished and comfortable. One day while we were cooking in the kitchen, my husband dropped a piece of ground beef on the floor that was seasoned with our Soul Food Blend. To our surprise, Boston ran right up to it and ate it. I can tell you that we felt really relieved to see him so excited about food again and were also curious as to how we could continue to help him enjoy his meals and just keep him eating! Because of this, we decided that we needed to offer a dog-friendly seasoning for all of the best friends out there.

What did the creation/ ideation process look like?

Once we figured out that our furry friend, Boston loved our Soul Food Blend so much, we quickly went online and researched spices and herbs and found the ones that were okay for dogs to eat. Once we had more knowledge on the ingredients, we put together a flavor similar to Soul Food just for him without the additions that dogs shouldn’t ingest. Naturally, we gave it to our other dogs, too. We couldn’t leave out his furry brothers!

What “best friends” do you have at home? What do they think of the blend?

We have two dogs at home right now. One is a Maltese named Doodle and the other is Marley, and he’s a Beagle. They couldn’t be any more different.

Doodle, our more active dog who is rather finicky, began to eat his food more consistently once we shared the Best Friend Blend with him and put it on his food. We were really happy to see that our Maltese took so well to the new mix just as Boston had done not too long ago.

Marley, on the other hand, is an extremely unenthused dog until it comes to mealtime. Once he smells or sees the food, it is like he is a whole other character. Since he has always liked food, we’ve really just seen him become more greedy about it. Beagles have no problem eating, but I can say I think he enjoys his meals more. We only wish he ate it more slowly…

Although they are quite different and have unique approaches to their food, both of our dogs have given the Best Friend Blend two “paws up”!

What ingredients did you mix in the blend?

We don’t want to give away all of our spicy secrets, but we definitely want to ensure the safety of best friends everywhere! Some of the herbs and spices in the blend are organic basil, organic sage, organic garlic, organic savory, organic parsley, organic turmeric and organic thyme. We’ve spared no spice or herb in this blend so as to spoil our favorite furry ones and help them eat better. It’s a really special treat for dogs and their people.

*Please note: All herbs and spices in the Best Friend Blend are dog-friendly and also may provide your dog with some health benefits.

What makes the Best Friend Blend safe and healthy for dogs (and people)?

 Firstly, this blend doesn’t use black pepper, white pepper or cayenne. I’ve encountered people who can’t ingest these spices, so I am really happy to say that we can offer a blend with these considerations in mind. This is the first blend we have that fills that gap!

As for healthy, here is a list of some of our ingredients and how they can be beneficial to both you and your dog’s health!

  • Basil – Electrolytes and vitamins make up this special herb. It is rich in antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, benefitting those who are ill or have inflamed joints.
  • Sage– Sage is known for is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is also known to help with proper functionality of the brain. It’s no wonder that sage and wisdom are terms that go hand in hand (or, paw in paw).
  • Garlic– Yes, contrary to popular belief, this is actually beneficial to your dog! Calcium, zinc, protein and a variety of vitamins all make this one super healthy ingredient. Garlic is beneficial in aiding those who suffer from heart disease and diabetes. Did we also mention it helps with repelling nasty bugs?
  • Savory– This herb is helpful in lowering cholesterol, has anti-fungal properties and is a great source of many important vitamins that are vital to everyone’s health.
  • Parsley– Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, good for getting rid of bad breath… this herb is a great addition to anyone’s diet, especially those whose pups suffer from particularly bad halitosis.
  • Turmeric– this herb helps with inflammation and is high in fiber and vitamins. It also helps speed up metabolism! If your best friend has anemia, cardiovascular problems or arthritis, this herb can be of benefit to them.
  • Thyme– This herb boasts all kinds of vitamins. It also contains iron. It is used for chest and respiratory issues and can be a good source of fiber.

*Before using any herbs or spices, it’s very important to look up how they might react together or how well they may do with medications or food that you or your best friend are already ingesting. Although this blend is already deemed dog and people safe, it is always good and responsible to check up on interactions with other items already in your diet and daily routine! Everyone and everything has a unique body and make-up, after all, and may have different needs when it comes to food, supplement and seasoning intake!

Can cats or other “best friends” have it, too?

Well, from what we’ve found in our research, giving some of these spices and herbs to your cats is a definite no-no. We’re not really sure why cats can’t have them like dogs can, but we really wouldn’t recommend giving it to any other best friends at home aside from your dogs. If your pups are anything like our Beagle, Marley, they will probably appreciate that fact since there will be more left over for them later! Hopefully they take more time to enjoy the savory dish than he does. But, if they don’t, you know where to get more!

Since dogs can have it, does that mean that it is a people-friendly blend as well?

Oh, of course! All of our blends are people-friendly and this blend is no exception. In fact, there are already several dishes upon which I like to use the Best Friend Blend myself. I’ve tested it on all sorts of things. I LOVE okra and I definitely use the blend for when I make it. Other ingredients I like to put it on include sea bass, spinach and broccoli. It seems that this blend pairs really well with vegetables, leafy greens and foods high in protein, which I am all for as I love to prepare and eat healthy food. In my mind, this is an amazing gift for both your furry and non-furry best friends as it is so good for you (Also, being a salt-free option.) and encourages healthy eating!

 When (and where) is the blend going to be available?

 For now, our blend will be offered online. If you are as excited about our new blend as we are, make sure to reach out to us on our website or post below in the comments section of this blog post. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our Best Friend Blend and where you would like to next see it offered.

What does this blend mean to you?

That’s quite the question. For our family, this blend means a lot of things. It’s a way to honor our recent furry family member’s life and to remember something he helped inspired us to create. It is also a way for us to give back to our family and friends, who love our seasonings as well as to those who may not know who we are yet. After having experienced what sickness can do to a dog’s appetite and how that affects your family, we want to help others going through that by providing them with something comforting to both them and their dogs. Of course, this blend is not only for dogs with poor appetites. This is a blend that is a special treat for your dogs and provides them with more flavor and enjoyment to their meals.

Really, though, this blend is like nothing we’ve ever done before. We usually focus on people (Which, of course, is natural for a seasoning-centered business.) and their taste buds, but it doesn’t seem that many have really reached into the realm of flavors for our furry friends. I mean, animals in the wild are used to an array of all kinds of things at their disposal that they can eat and enjoy and that have so many different tastes.  Domesticated animals that mostly live indoors are reliant upon us as their “people parents” for food. They, like any hungry being, of course accept what is put in front of them and that is what they know! But, we wanted to push past this and try something new and it really seems to be working for our own dogs, Doodle and Marley. It most definitely helped Boston in his last few months of illness to regain his appetite. Who wouldn’t want to provide a special treat that also helps their furry best friend in a time of need or suffering, or even just because? We think this blend will provide some really interesting results at home and give all of the “people parents” an opportunity to give back to their dogs. We also hope that the owners try the blend themselves! After all, it is also a people-friendly mix of delicious spices and herbs.

Is there anything you’d like to say to all of the fans, followers, family and friends of Seasonest?


A special thanks goes out to Karen of “Ottowa Valley Dog Whisperer”. Your research and your knowledge of all things dog-related was extremely helpful to us in creating our blend. We very much appreciate all that you have shared and your care of furry best friends everywhere!

Could you give us a recipe that works well with the Best Friend Blend?

I certainly can. Here are three ways we like to use the Best Friend Blend in our favorite furry family members’ meals:

  • Recipe 1 |”Chicken & Broccoli”: Mix in cooked chicken, steamed broccoli and the Best Friend Blend (Please note that the bowl shape is so that our food-loving pup doesn’t eat too fast!).


  • Recipe 2 | “The Doggie Salad”: Make a doggie salad with veggies! Our dogs like peas, carrots, cabbage and broccoli. Add in the Best Friend Blend for extra flavor.

The-Best-Friend-Blend-Doggie-Salad-Recipe-Image (1)

  • Recipe 3 | “The Picky Eater’s Gravy”: Cook liver and peas in oil. Once finished, add in the Best Friend Blend and place in blender with choice of broth and blend until smooth.


Thank you, each and every one of you for all of your support and for all of your orders. You’ve taken our dreams and helped them take flight with all you do. We love hearing from you, knowing you read our blogs and social media posts and that you stay up-to-date with us. We hope you’ll try this new blend in continued support of us and our family-owned business, in memory of our furry family member, Boston, and simply for the delight of having something new on the table for both you and your favorite best friends.

May God bless you, your family and your friends in 2016!

Abundant Blessings,

Crystal Peterson

Motivation Monday: Meaningful Work


Hard work is good. Good work is hard.

Making the most of what you do is so important. When I started Seasonest, I wanted the company to mean something. It certainly means a lot to our family, but we want it to be something even more.

Our brand has the potential to do a lot for others. It’s inspirational! I love sharing the story behind our brand and how my father was so taken by the food in New Orleans that he handmade his own seasoning blend, which later inspired our Original Blend, the first of our flavors. The company means a lot to me as it’s a dream my father once had that I now carry and have the blessing of seeing grow. Sometimes someone needs that spark or that inspiring story that reminds them that anything good can grow out of some hard work, determination and passion.

Our seasoning blends can make meals into masterpieces. For example, picky eaters LOVE our Mild Blend! Sometimes it just takes that special something to get your kids excited about food. Perhaps someone is more confident in their cooking, or has an easier time eating healthier and meal prepping because they use our seasonings. Good flavor goes a long way!

Our seasonings are healthy and all-natural. Some are even salt-free. They have the potential to be used by those with certain food allergies, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to try different flavors or spice blends. Gluten free, non-GMO… there are so many reasons our seasonings have the opportunity to benefit someone’s health!

We’ve worked hard to bring Seasonest to you and hope to continue to see the benefits that we can bring to family, friends and fans all over and that you’ll continue sharing your stories with us.

Have a great Monday!

Crystal Peterson

February, Fun & Finishing: Monday Motivation

2-15 Blog


We’re glad you dropped by to read our blog. It’s a place we like to fill with inspiration, recipes, healthy living tips and seasonings! Today, we wanted to bring you some words of encouragement as we know what the cold and the busy of February can do.

Now that we’re halfway through February it seems like those New Year’s Resolutions are so far behind us. We’re caught up in work, in our children’s schedules, in school, in worries and all kinds of craziness. Some days you just can’t imagine why you made THAT resolution and when you’re going to find time for it.

Don’t fret! :) We’ve all been there or will one day be at that point where we just wonder, “Why did I do this?” Here’s the deal… you have to remember that you did it for a reason. You wanted something badly enough and you had the perfect conditions in which to dream about it and the result you wanted: a whole new year ahead of you with exciting possibilities. Please don’t forget that you STILL have the whole year ahead of you with exciting possibilities! The only difference is that you may be a bit distracted. :)

Distractions can make for less than perfect conditions to remember those goals. You may feel off track right now. You may be upset with yourself for not going to the gym each day or meal prepping each week… you may be upset because you haven’t tried a new recipe every day like you had set out to do… you may not have even started, and that’s okay. :) Give yourself permission to not be perfect and then look ahead! You’ve got only the days before you to improve, not those behind… so focus on those and just go for it! Go to the gym two to three nights a week starting out instead of beginning full-force and work your way up to that everyday goal. Prep a day’s worth of meals and keep increasing the number of meals each week. You’ll get there. :) And no matter what, you’re accomplishing something and moving forward and that’s something to be proud of.

February is a great month of the year to get into your New Year’s Resolutions. You know what the year’s routine has become and you know what you can do to help yourself moving forward. Remember: February’s cold doesn’t make the outdoor run less fun! Put on your favorite, warm workout clothes and reward yourself with a hot beverage when you’re done. Being busy doesn’t ever have to take away from the fun you can have making food, mixing ingredients and creating new and fun food dishes. Make meal times your fun time (After all, you have to eat anyways!). Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Be encouraged and know that you’ve got supporters ready to watch you succeed. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your goals by finishing what you started.

Be encouraged!

Abundant Blessings,

Crystal Peterson

Adobo Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp

Adobo Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp

Happy Friday!

We’re excited to share this shrimp dish with you because this recipe is a lot of fun! The meal is so easy to make and it only uses five ingredients, but boy do you get to use some flavors.

Here’s the recipe!


  • Fresh shrimp
  • Avocado oil
  • 1/2 (or, more) of a jalapeño
  • Lime juice
  • Adobo Seasoning Blend
  • (Optional) Cilantro for garnish


  • Bowl
  • Skewers
  • Grill
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Marinade brush


  • Chop up jalepaño and cut lime in half.
  • Take fresh shrimp, avocado oil, 1/2 (or, more) of a jalapeño, lime juice and our Adobo Seasoning Blend and put it all in a bowl to marinate for 15-30 minutes!
  • Remove shrimp from bowl and place onto skewers (Save the marinade!).
  • Turn on grill and place on the skewers of shrimp. Brush marinade (or, drizzle with a spoon) onto the shrimp while it is cooking.
  • For looks and extra flavor, add cilantro!
  • Enjoy.

Watch the video tutorial here: Watch me!

Have a great weekend,

The Seasonest Family

Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

We’re so glad to have the honor of being in your spice cabinet, filling shelves at your local grocery stores and making your food so flavorful. Our seasonings are dear to our heart and we love being a close-knit, family-owned business that brings you such healthy ingredients!

Speaking of love and these healthy ingredients, we wanted to focus on heart health and which seasonings contain the best ingredients for everything related to the heart (Aside from falling in love with the flavor, of course!).

Here are a few of our favorite ingredients we use!

  • Basil: If you’re into maintaining your blood pressure, this is one tasty way to treat it!  (Italian Blend)
  • Cayenne: Cayenne assists with blood flow and helps your body avoid blood clots. (Original Blend)
  • Garlic: This special ingredient can lower your risk of heart disease and is found in many of our blends! (Soul Food, Lemon Pepper, Original, Adobo, Italian and Mild Blends)
  • Lemon Peel: High blood pressure? Try some of this! (Lemon Pepper Blend)
  • Onion Powder: Onion powder can assist in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol and help prevent heart disease. (Adobo Blend)

If you’re not already a Seasonest user, we hope that you’ll take a peak at what we have to offer. You can see all of our flavorful blends here: Link

All our love,

The Seasonest Family

Valentine’s Day Gifting… Spice It Up!

Valentine's Day Gift Blog

Quick! Send your significant other out of the room… okay, are you ready? You’ve got 11 days. That is cutting it close my friend. There are less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day; have you gotten them that gift yet? Uhuh…. OKAY. Let’s get to work.

Firstly, our seasonings make great gifts! They come in an array of delicious flavors for all kinds of palettes.

  • Does your significant other like to eat food every day? Great! Then, you’re already one step closer to fulfilling a practical, daily need, but with extra added umph.
  • Does your significant other value their health? Do you value their health? PERFECT. Our seasonings contain all-natural Celtic sea salt as well as ingredients that are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan-friendly and organic. If you are taking a break from salt, we’ve got options for that as well.
  • Do they like things that taste good? If your lovebug /boo /pumpkin /schnookums enjoys food with flavor, they’ll LOVE our seasonings. Keep them from eating just to eat and give them the gift of flavorful food enjoyment!

Order those seasonings now if you want them in time for Valentine’s Day! They’re only $5 each right now and shipping is free for orders over $15.

Now that that’s all settled and we can see that you clearly love your better half, Heart 2here’s what you do. Take a quick trip to our website (click me) and read about each of the flavors. If you’d like some help with how to choose, here’s what we suggest based on their personality:

  • Sassy/Sarcastic: Spicy Blend
  • Romantic: Italian Blend
  • Traditional (with a secret twist): Lemon Pepper Blend
  • Classy: Original Blend
  • Big-Hearted: Soul Food Blend
  • Comical: Jerk Blend
  • Active/Athletic: Adobo Blend
  • Wild Child: Lemon Fire Blend
  • Sweet: Mild Blend

Yep. Definitely saw you eyeing that blend. You know they’d love it!

Heart 1Our last bit of advice is how to present your beloved with this special, spicy gift. Here we go! (Please read these aloud in the cheesiest voice possible. It is also crucial that you present the gift in perfect timing with your words. Trust us.)

  • Spicy Blend: “Hey baby. Just wanted to spice things up a bit.”
  • Original Blend: “(Insert name here), I love that you’re so… original.”
  • Soul Food Blend: “Darling, you are food for my soul.”
  • Italian Blend: “You inspired me… your love takes me to faraway places.”
  • Adobo Blend: “Ad-o-bo about you, but I’d love to make you dinner.”
  • Jerk Blend: “I know I can be a jerk sometimes, but tonight, I want to focus on you!”

“You know, there’s a season for everything… and there’s always seasoning for you.”

We hope you enjoyed a good laugh and have some fun ideas for your favorite person on Valentine’s Day. Let us know if you got to use one of our cheesy pick-up lines!

Best of luck! (1)

The Seasonest Family

Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Lifestyles… We Fit Them All!

Diet and Lifestyle Blog

In the last few years, it seems that food and health awareness has become a big deal! We’re so glad for it as we are all about healthy living and love learning new ways to take care of our bodies. When we started Seasonest, we wanted to use the healthiest ingredients and to encourage ourselves and others to treat their bodies better by watching what we put into them.

Fast forward a few years, and we’re proud to say that we are doing better than ever and that our seasonings can still be enjoyed by diets and foodie lifestyles of all kinds! Do you eat meat? Or, maybe you’re a vegetarian? Vegan? We don’t stop there… paleo, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO… we cover them all. You DON’T have to stop enjoying the delicious flavors, even if you change your diet. Nobody wants to sacrifice flavor, right?

Today, we want to review what each type of diet and lifestyle really means so that you can get a better idea of how we fit into each of them and how you can still get the most enjoyment out of healthy eating with flavorful seasonings.

Vegan: If you’ve never really delved into this lifestyle, you may go through the thought process of, “Okay, so there are those who eat meat… and then there are vegetarians and pescatarians, but what exactly does “vegan” mean?” It’s a term that’s been around since the 1940s and it has become more popular in recent years. Of course, there have been those who lived vegan lifestyles long ago, but the coined term has only been around for a few decades. Veganism is the choice to eat foods that are not derived from animals. This can range all the way from meat and eggs down to honey made from bees. It is both a diet and a philosophy. Some choose it as they are highly concerned with animal treatment and feel that this is a way in which to avoid exploiting them, while others may simply do it for health reasons. There are so many reasons why someone may choose this lifestyle. We are proud to say that our products are safe for the vegan diet and way of life! Learn more about veganism here: Click Me!

Organic: This term refers to foods that do not contain antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. When you are eating organic, you are saying no to all of these things and hopefully means that you are making a very conscious choice about the ingredients and foods that go into your body. Read more about what organic means here: Click Me.

Paleo: The Paleo lifestyle is one that chooses to forego refined sugars and grains as well as processed foods. It is based on what caveman would have had access to way back when, such as meat that they could hunt and vegetables that they could forage for. What it means for the modern era is no coffee, corn, alcohol, peanuts, legumes or dairy. It’s a tough one for many to stomach, but it’s definitely given some a healthier outlook on life and many will tell you that they feel so much better after giving it a try. To learn more about the Paleo Diet and where it came from, follow this link: Click Me!

Gluten-Free: With all of the diets and lifestyles listed here, it should be noted that technically, all of them are voluntary and based on personal choice. However, with a gluten-free lifestyle, many will likely choose it based on having a gluten allergy and an attempt to avoid the not-so-pleasant side effects of ingesting the gluten protein. Some people have celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disorder where gluten can damage the small intestine. Others simply have a sensitivity to it, and others may choose to be gluten-free for many other reasons. You don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions due to gluten with our seasonings; your celiac symptoms and sensitivity are safe with us! To learn more about celiac disease and gluten, check out this website: Click Me.

Non-GMO: GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”. What non-GMO means is that something wasn’t artificially modified or manipulated in a lab. For more information on this term and to see what foods do and don’t have a risk for GMOs, check out this link: Click Me.

Whew! With all of that information, we hope that you feel wiser to the ways of different foodie lifestyles and what it really means to have seasonings that fit into such a variety of categories! We’re really happy that people of all different kinds of diet choices are able to share in the fun and flavor of Seasonest.

Thanks for being part of the family.

The Seasonest Family


Why Do We Meal Prep?

Hello Everyone!

This is a Motivation Monday, healthy living, self-help guide to all things meal prepping. Meal prepping can be done so many ways, but it is something that regardless of method or ingredients produces great results. So, the question we have today is, “Why (specifically) do we meal prep? What makes it so great?”

Why Do We Meal Prep- Blog Image (1)

1. Portion Control

It’s pretty difficult to eat too much when you’ve only got so much, right? The logic behind keeping things in certain sizes is to help your body understand when it is truly full and to train your brain into understanding what amounts of various ingredients make up a nutritious, balanced diet. Staring at a food pyramid will only get you so far; you’ve got to really pay attention to what you are putting in your body and how much of it you truly need.

2. Preventing Sneaky Snack Attacks

Hunger strikes. It’s 3 pm. You’re at work and you know there is a vending machine down the hall from your office. We know the feeling… we get it, too! There are so many reasons why you could be feeling the afternoon slump/ snack attack. Lack of sleep, too many carbs at lunch, dehydration, lack of sun, being to stationary… the list goes on. If you are going to reach for a snack, it’s best to have one already prepared and one that you know will keep your energy and blood sugar levels up! Pack that snack.

3. Delicious, Ready-Made Meals

When you’re hungry, you could probably eat just about anything. However, when you get to the fridge and you see what your options are for today’s meal… you aren’t so sure you can make anything out of all of that stuff and suddenly you don’t feel like you’re in the mood for any of it. Plus, you’re too hungry and don’t think you’ll make it through a session of cooking! This is where meal prep comes in handy; you have meals already ready, or nearly ready to go so that you can have an easy-to-make, healthy meal in perfect portioning. Our biggest tip with ready-made meals is to use the right seasonings! Our ready-made seasoning combinations pack a lot of flavor and bring your meals to a whole other level. They’ve helped us take a lot of “boring” meals to extraordinary and really encourage us to eat well. (Try them here! Link)

4. Balanced Diet

As said before, staring at a food pyramid will only get you so far. It’s important to know what you’re eating, what food group it falls into and what nutrition it offers you. The health benefits of food will amaze you! When we put together our seasonings, we wanted to offer something that would be healthier than what usually gets put into or onto our food. The ingredients each have unique properties that aid in all kinds of things from acne to the common cold! The same thing goes for the foods you eat. If you want to stay in shape, help prevent certain diseases and feel better all around, make sure you pay attention to what goes into your mouth; it may one day save your life.

Overall, meal prepping helps you avoid being tired, unmotivated, tempted, stressed, and not having enough time in the day. You can bring a whole lot of goodness into your daily routine by simply changing your diet and how you look at food prep. If you’d like to learn more about meal prepping, check out the links below! We’ve found some great examples of how to approach the whole process.

  • From “Daily Burn”: Cooking ideas, time saving tricks and ingredient recommendations: Link
  • From “The Beach Body Blog”: Planning, encouragement and tips galore: Link
  • From “Fit Men Cook”: Great tips on storage, reheating and freezing: Link

For healthy seasonings to make any meal instantly more flavorful, check out!

Happy meal prepping!

The Seasonest Family

Motivation Monday: Famous Company Slogans

Inspirational Slogans Blog

With 2016 under way, we are determined to get motivated towards being healthier versions of ourselves.

It’s not always easy to get up out of bed an extra hour or two early to work out or to drink the green mixture you concocted in the blender the night before instead of the fast and easy breakfast burrito, but you do it anyways on the way to a better you. Of course, you probably had some encouragement or inspiration along the way, right? We find that there are great motivators all around us in our everyday lives. We’ve found our everyday inspiration in some pretty fantastic company slogans that motivate us and we hope they motivate you, too!

1. Nike- “Just do it.”

Why we like it: The message is clear and simple; get out and get going. Sometimes, you have to be tough on yourself. And always, you have to be honest… So, there’s really no point in arguing with yourself when you’re aware that all you have to do is get out there and do it (exercise, eating well, etc.).

2. Adidas- “Impossible is Nothing”

Why we like it: You’re running and running and suddenly you’re more trudging along than anything. All you can think is, “This is impossible. How am I going to climb that hill?” And then, you think of this slogan. It may be an uphill climb back home on your jogging path, but you make it.

3. Subway- “Eat Fresh”

Why we like it: Ah, yes… we love this one. We are all about fresh ingredients and fresh food. When we make our seasonings, we use all-natural, fresh spices and herbs. When we cook meals, we make sure that whatever is going into our bodies is fresh! It makes a world of difference.

4. Energizer- “Keeps going and going and going.”

Why we like it: When you think of this slogan, it’s hard not to imagine the pink rabbit with the drum. It doesn’t give up! And even when we want to, just thinking of this little rabbit gets us back into gear. Sometimes, you just have to pretend you’re made of infinite battery power and power through! You’ll like the results.

5. L’Oréal- “Because I’m worth it.”

Why we like it: When you’re eating right and exercising, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re taking care of your body! You have to remember that you’re worth every bit of green breakfast juice and early morning workouts. A healthier you is a happier you and you are totally worth it.

We hope this inspires you and that you have a wonderful Monday!

The Seasonest Family

The Top Five Reasons to Use Our Seasonings

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

You’ve made it. It’s one of the first weeks back since the holidays and you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

We love having the opportunity to encourage and inspire those who read our blogs and postings. It’s really important to live a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and we believe that incorporating our seasonings is a great way to start. We’ve put together a helpful list of reasons why you should be using our seasonings and how it can benefit you.

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1) The Health Benefits

Each of our all-natural blends offers a variety of herbs and spices that have amazing health benefits. Whether it’s heart health, liver function, acne, etc… there’s something beneficial in our seasonings for everyone. Check out our health benefits blog that goes into detail about the many great uses of our ingredients: Health Benefits Blog

2) The Flavor

Mmm, mmm, mmmm… what’s cooking? From the moment you open up one of our flavorful seasonings, you can tell it’s all fresh, all-natural and all completely delicious. A lot of branded seasonings have a good taste, but they don’t offer the freshness or that great quality flavor that Seasonest seasonings provide each and every time. Once you’ve experienced the richness and variety of flavors that our seasonings offer, it’s hard to ever to back to anything else. Taste our very first flavor, the Original Blend, and see what your taste buds have been missing.

3) To Travel

Very few of us have the luxury of just hopping on a plane on a whim and flying to our dreamland destination. It may be that you can’t whisk yourself away right now, but you can certainly take yourself to far off destinations with your food choices! If you’re looking for a Caribbean escape with cool waters, warm sand and a spicy twist, take some time away from everything with our delicious Jerk Blend. Or, perhaps you’re looking for something romantic that reminds you of rolling, green hills, cobblestone streets and the most appetizing smells you’ve ever known. This type of fantasy needs our Italian Blend!

4) To Encourage

If you feed picky eaters, welcome to the club. Sometimes, it’s really a challenge to get certain family members to eat the food you put in front of them and it can be extremely frustrating, sometimes even offensive. We’ve found through our in-store demos that even the pickiest eaters who try our seasonings LOVE them. We had a mom drop by and let us know about her picky eaters at home (who may also have been present in the shopping cart). She told us how much they loved our seasonings and how it got her picky eaters out of picky eating. Every mom has been there at some point, so it was really an encouragement to us and an inspiration to know how much our seasonings had an effect on even just one family. Her family liked our Mild Blend (You can click it!). Why not give it a try with your picky eaters?

5) For Ease

It’s been a long day. Work was super stressful. And you’re in charge of dinner tonight. You don’t know what to make and you were so busy that you forgot to plan ahead. You get home and manage to find some easy-to-cook ingredients after digging around in your fridge, but they look so plain and bland. You’re not thrilled. And then you remember… you’ve got Seasonest Soul Food Blend. You have instantly upgraded your easy-to-cook meal into something fabulous. Try Soul Food for yourself: Click Here


Take some time today to look through our website and pick out your favorite flavors. In no time, you’ll see the benefits to using our Seasonings. Let us know which category you fall into above when it comes to using our flavorful seasonings!

Have a fantastic weekend,

The Seasonest Family