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We’re glad you dropped by to read our blog. It’s a place we like to fill with inspiration, recipes, healthy living tips and seasonings! Today, we wanted to bring you some words of encouragement as we know what the cold and the busy of February can do.

Now that we’re halfway through February it seems like those New Year’s Resolutions are so far behind us. We’re caught up in work, in our children’s schedules, in school, in worries and all kinds of craziness. Some days you just can’t imagine why you made THAT resolution and when you’re going to find time for it.

Don’t fret! :) We’ve all been there or will one day be at that point where we just wonder, “Why did I do this?” Here’s the deal… you have to remember that you did it for a reason. You wanted something badly enough and you had the perfect conditions in which to dream about it and the result you wanted: a whole new year ahead of you with exciting possibilities. Please don’t forget that you STILL have the whole year ahead of you with exciting possibilities! The only difference is that you may be a bit distracted. :)

Distractions can make for less than perfect conditions to remember those goals. You may feel off track right now. You may be upset with yourself for not going to the gym each day or meal prepping each week… you may be upset because you haven’t tried a new recipe every day like you had set out to do… you may not have even started, and that’s okay. :) Give yourself permission to not be perfect and then look ahead! You’ve got only the days before you to improve, not those behind… so focus on those and just go for it! Go to the gym two to three nights a week starting out instead of beginning full-force and work your way up to that everyday goal. Prep a day’s worth of meals and keep increasing the number of meals each week. You’ll get there. :) And no matter what, you’re accomplishing something and moving forward and that’s something to be proud of.

February is a great month of the year to get into your New Year’s Resolutions. You know what the year’s routine has become and you know what you can do to help yourself moving forward. Remember: February’s cold doesn’t make the outdoor run less fun! Put on your favorite, warm workout clothes and reward yourself with a hot beverage when you’re done. Being busy doesn’t ever have to take away from the fun you can have making food, mixing ingredients and creating new and fun food dishes. Make meal times your fun time (After all, you have to eat anyways!). Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Be encouraged and know that you’ve got supporters ready to watch you succeed. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your goals by finishing what you started.

Be encouraged!

Abundant Blessings,

Crystal Peterson

A New Year Has Come

Blog New Year's Resolutions Fri 1-1-16

Happy 2016!

Can you believe the new year is already here? Farewell 2015… it’s on to new things! To ring in the new year, we’ve got some 2016 new years’ resolutions made and we intend to keep them (Please pray for strength to keep them.).

Everyone seems to do the same resolutions each year (Which, we think is wonderful and intend to have some repeats ourselves!), but we wanted to think a bit outside of the box and inspire ourselves and you with some ideas that might get your year off to the best and brightest start yet.

Here we go!

  1. Help your brother– Sibling by birth, sibling by faith, sibling by choice… however you obtained your filial friend, take on some responsibilities that make them feel loved and important! It can be something as simple as doing one of their usual chores or even buying a random stranger a coffee on a cold day. Simple and straightforward are totally fine. :)
  2. Call your mother– Keep in touch with your loved ones. You get one life on this earth and you get one of each person that comes into your life, so treat them well and don’t take them for granted!
  3. Save the world– We may not always think about the impact of our daily routines on our planet, but it would be nice to try doing small things each day to make the world better for each other and for posterity. Wash your hair one less time a week and learn to compost or reuse items in unconventional ways. Again, simple things are totally fine and make a big difference.
  4. See the world– You don’t always have to travel to find new things, but if you do have the opportunity to travel, take it! What we really want to emphasize is seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and really taking time to listen to them. Talk to your grandparents about their childhoods. Talk to the homeless man about his dreams. You can also read a book and learn a whole lot about a whole lot of things you didn’t know that you didn’t know.
  5. Help yourself– Give more, take less, walk more, drive less, smile more, frown less, breathe more, worry less… Make sure you take time for yourself. It may be five minutes a day, but give yourself to yourself for just a moment. You need it. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself (moms…)! Enjoy living and breathing and make sure you take time to reflect on all that you’ve been blessed with in your life.

Simple? We hope so. Difficult to implement? Maybe so, but we hope that these ideas really jump start something wonderful for you.

Happy 2016. :)

The Seasonest Family