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With 2016 under way, we are determined to get motivated towards being healthier versions of ourselves.

It’s not always easy to get up out of bed an extra hour or two early to work out or to drink the green mixture you concocted in the blender the night before instead of the fast and easy breakfast burrito, but you do it anyways on the way to a better you. Of course, you probably had some encouragement or inspiration along the way, right? We find that there are great motivators all around us in our everyday lives. We’ve found our everyday inspiration in some pretty fantastic company slogans that motivate us and we hope they motivate you, too!

1. Nike- “Just do it.”

Why we like it: The message is clear and simple; get out and get going. Sometimes, you have to be tough on yourself. And always, you have to be honest… So, there’s really no point in arguing with yourself when you’re aware that all you have to do is get out there and do it (exercise, eating well, etc.).

2. Adidas- “Impossible is Nothing”

Why we like it: You’re running and running and suddenly you’re more trudging along than anything. All you can think is, “This is impossible. How am I going to climb that hill?” And then, you think of this slogan. It may be an uphill climb back home on your jogging path, but you make it.

3. Subway- “Eat Fresh”

Why we like it: Ah, yes… we love this one. We are all about fresh ingredients and fresh food. When we make our seasonings, we use all-natural, fresh spices and herbs. When we cook meals, we make sure that whatever is going into our bodies is fresh! It makes a world of difference.

4. Energizer- “Keeps going and going and going.”

Why we like it: When you think of this slogan, it’s hard not to imagine the pink rabbit with the drum. It doesn’t give up! And even when we want to, just thinking of this little rabbit gets us back into gear. Sometimes, you just have to pretend you’re made of infinite battery power and power through! You’ll like the results.

5. L’Oréal- “Because I’m worth it.”

Why we like it: When you’re eating right and exercising, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re taking care of your body! You have to remember that you’re worth every bit of green breakfast juice and early morning workouts. A healthier you is a happier you and you are totally worth it.

We hope this inspires you and that you have a wonderful Monday!

The Seasonest Family

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