Family, Food & Fun; Our Favorites

Happy Friday!

What a great week. We’ve enjoyed sharing our hearts with you this week with each of our blogs and also taking a walk down memory lane with our family’s business story. This week just seemed right for a focus on family and this evening, we’ll be sharing about all three of our favorites; Family, Food and Fun (But of course, focusing on Family.).

If you don’t already do this, we highly recommend it; make Friday your Family Fun Night! It doesn’t even have to be a Friday. The important thing is taking time each week to be with your loved ones and sharing some no cell-phones, work, or distractions time. If you can manage to do something together as a family every night, you are making such a huge difference, but the goal is to really focus on each other and designate that time as special.

We love food, or we would be in the seasonings business, so we like to use dinner as our family time. Sometimes we cook, sometimes we go out to eat, but we always make sure it’s a time to focus on each other. We highly recommend it! A close-knit family makes for a great, encouraging environment.

Here are some recommendations on how to incorporate Family, Food and Fun into your week!

  • Make a special recipe together and assign special tasks to each family member.
  • Play a game; bonus points if it involves food (Ever tried playing the alphabet game? Try naming only foods that start with each letter!)
  • Spend time around the dinner table telling jokes.
  • Take time to celebrate the accomplishments of your family by going out to eat together. Have someone make awards and present them during the meal!
  • Have each family member choose a dish for dinner. Then, take all of them shopping, give them a list of ingredients needed for their dish and see who can get them fastest!

    We hope you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones this weekend. Give them an extra hug for us!

Happy Friday,

The Seasonest Family

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