5 Ways to Stick With Your Goals

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Happy Motivation Monday friends! We’re almost finished with the first quarter of the year, and decided to re-evaluate our goals from the beginning of the year, and find ways to keep on track. It can be difficult to keep up with your New Years resolutions, and we want to encourage you to keep going and see them through! Here are five tips to help keep you going strong in 2016.

Set your goals on a schedule and stick to it.
It is quite helpful to to set a measurable timeline for your goals to follow along and see where you’re falling on the schedule. If you need to, set reminders to help trigger the desired behaviors. This is a great way to measure progress and see how far you’ve come!

Have an accountability partner:
When you’ve got a friend who is cheering you on during your highs and lows, it can make a huge difference in our ability to keep going to meet our goals. Find someone with a similar goal and you can work towards them together!

Don’t sweat the days you fall off track
Every day is not going to be perfect, so if you do fall off the wagon, just dust yourself off and hop back on. It can be tempting to stop and rationalize why you shouldn’t keep going, but these are key times to push through it!

Prioritize your goals
Set your priorities straight and figure out which goals you want to accomplish now, and which ones you think you can save for later. Keeping things simple and do not take on too much at one; this can take a load off your shoulders and keep you on track to complete your goals.

Stay Positive

This one goes hand in hand with not sweating the days you fall off track. Find something that lifts your spirit, and focus on those when you’re feeling down. It will help relax your mind and strengthen your desire to see your resolution through.

Any thoughts? Respond in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

Abundant blessings,

Crystal Peterson

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