Fool Me Twice…Shame On Me!

Part 2 of the Case of the missing FlavorMy smile was frozen in place – should I ask her? No, that would be too obvious.
“The guacamole you made was simply fabulous – could you possibly whip up more?” I began to panic. Should I say yes, and then make subpar guacamole?
“Honey, when will the meat be finished?” I looked to my husband hoping it would be finished in another ten minutes. “About forty minutes should do it!” James opened the grill and checked on the meat.
“Then we simply must have more dip!” Jessica’s pronouncement was heartily agreed to by the crowd around the grill.

Just then, my eldest daughter Stacie sent me a text (she only talks by texting now, it’s the cool thing to do) “Pkg @ door, 4 u.”
My spirits lifted, it was the extra Seasonest Adobo I had ordered! Excusing myself, I scurried to the door and signed for the box, thrilled to have more. Jessica popped into the kitchen as I was pulling out ingredients for the guacamole. I hid the bottle behind some avocados as she asked, “How’s the dip going?”
“If you’ll give me a few minutes, I’ll whip up a new batch!” I said confidently. Jessica left the kitchen, sure that I was bluffing. I had a feeling that she knew more about the spices then she let on.

Walking out with the new bowl of guacamole was like being assaulted by the paparazzi. Everyone was thrilled to have more, and barely let me set the bowl down on the table before they dug in. I was smiling as I found Christina. I told her, my emergency bottle of Seasonest came at the right time and she seemed genuinely happy for me. “Excellent! That Jessica Johnson will never know what hit her!” She paused as she got a call from her daughter who wasn’t feeling well and left to check on her at home.

James came in from the backyard and announced, “Food’s ready, come and get it!” There was a mad rush to fill up plates with delicious ribs, meat falling off the bones, perfectly grilled corn on the cob and more. I was enjoying my own plate when I received another text from my daughter, “Coco sick – come upstairs.”
Rushing upstairs, I found my daughter happily playing with her dolls in her room with a few of the neighbors’ daughters. Kneeling down beside her, I asked if she was alright. She said, “Of course mommy! But Mr. bunny just robbed the bank, so he’s in time out.” I went to find my eldest, and saw her in front of the tv with her friend Emily. “Stacie, why did you tell me Coco was sick and she wasn’t?” Stacie looked up at me, confused. Emily says to me, “Stacie hasn’t been able to find her phone for a while now, Mrs. Jones.”

Strange — did someone want me out of the party? I ran downstairs to the kitchen and found the ingredients still at the counter, except for my bottle of Seasonest. Not again! I knew now there was definitely someone trying to sabotage my party. I left the kitchen looking for Jessica, sure she had taken it. That’s why she had followed me into the kitchen to ask about the guacamole! Why is she trying to sabotage my party? Walking toward the front of my house, I overheard a whispered conversation. Sneaking around the corner, I saw Margaret and Tommy Tulley fussing about something. “You should have never taken it Margaret! I told you not to ruin a perfectly nice party! Did you put it back?”

“I couldn’t help it Tommy!” Margaret whined. Tommy shushed her and his whispering lowered even more, so I couldn’t make out any of the words. She nods, and they began to leave. What are they talking about? What did she take? I tried to get in closer, but they left too quickly. I was confused. Did Margaret take my Seasonest? Or was it still Jessica? Hearing footsteps, I quickly ran into the coat closet.

Peering out the crack in the door, I gasped – Jessica and Christina were talking? What on earth did they have to talk about?

– Look out for a surprising finale. Who do you think has the Seasonest Adobo Spice Blend? –